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Riya Simla
19 jun 2022
In Discusiones generales
These tools will also help us when advertising company email list a website, because that way we can know in advance if it will fit in with our campaign. DOWNLOAD FREE GUIDE Copywriting Procedures for online businesses Google AdPlaner To start with, we can use Google Display Planner , a fantastic tool that will give us quite detailed statistics about a given website, and can even filter by country. In the following example we analyze the website (I will use the same example website for everything) and as you will see we will obtain estimated data on unique company email list, page views, average time spent on the website, percentage of men and women who visit, socio-economic level, age… google-adplaner-destinia URL Trends In URL Trends we will be able to consult, among others, statistics on how long the web has been online, incoming links, PageRank and Alexa history, demographic data, outgoing links, social bookmarks... And we will also be able to download the report company email list PDF. destinia-url-trends BizInformation The interesting thing about BizInformation is that in addition to giving you data such as social bookmarks, web recognition and social metrics, it tells you how much the web is worth in economic terms. For example, in the case of Destinia, it tells company email list that its website is valued at 5.5 million dollars. Do you know how much your website is worth? *(Update) This tool is no company email list operational destinia-bizinformation Access now WITHOUT LIMITS to +90 Masters and Online Courses in Digital Marketing Alexa Alexa is one of the best known services to know the traffic of a website, and every day it becomes more important. It offers us data such as percentages of users by company email list, terms for which they are well positioned in search engines, socio-demographic data... destinia alexa With these four web analytics tools you can already get a very good idea of who your competition is, what they do and how they do it, but don't just stick to them, do a manual analysis not only of your competition's web traffic but of their profiles on social networks, investigate their websites, by company email list terms they are positioning themselves, if they invest in digital advertising, if they have a content marketing strategy... in short, try to analyze them as thoroughly as possible because it will be directly proportional to the advantage competitive it will give you.
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Riya Simla

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