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salma akter
28 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
Short video originally started from the short video business of shooting customers promoted by websites such as Tudou and Youku. With the maturity of mobile Internet technology, a large number of short video manufacturers represented by Kuaishou, Douyin, and Miaopai have developed rapidly, attracting the attention of the industry. But now, from the perspective of business monetization model and the competition of various platforms, the short video market is not mature enough. Only when the main players find a stable profit model or the top players have a successful IPO can it be considered another step forward. Therefore, the further development of this business email list market also needs to focus on technology, profitability, content, etc., in order to continue to move forward. At present, all aspects of the short video industry are basically equipped, including content production, content distribution and corresponding technical support. 1w word refined dry goods tell you the key information that the short video industry must know (system sorting version) Regarding the content production part, the mainstream production modes are mainly divided into UGC, PGC and PUGC. The UGC model is mainly for users to create content. The production threshold is low and the content is diversified. This model has great vitality. This kind of platform lowers the content production authority to the level of all ordinary users, and the platform is mainly responsible for formulating platform rules and maintaining platform order. The PGC mode refers to the production of content by professional personnel, and the overall level of content quality is relatively high, which pushes up the entry threshold for PGC short videos.
Short video industry market research report: sort out  content media
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salma akter

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