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shati khatun
20 jun 2022
In Discusiones generales
Skills to undertake and achieve success. They are theoretical, almost philosophical, foundations that transcend the day-to-day of an organization to be located in its very foundations, in its business culture. The starting point is to assume that we have gone from a market economy to a market society. What was a practice of free usa phone list exchange, limited to a territory of production and consumption and subject to the operation of two basic pieces such as capital and work, has transcended to permeate the same system that, in the form of society, human beings have usa phone list to organize us. The cause and at the same time consequence of this is the fact that today practically everything is for sale today. The statement seems somewhat excessive, but it is not. Let us think for a moment that, for example, health on many occasions we must "buy", education must be paid for, the attention and affection of others requires, from time to time, an outlay in the form of a gift or invitation... Even divine favors seem more assured when we leave alms at the door of the Church. Money is no longer just an element of the barter between our desires or needs and a tangible object, but also the access route to intangibles that are usa phone list of emotions, values, personal growth, etc. Almost everything, it seems, already has a price, because almost everything is for sale. This means having to face two problems. On the one hand, inequality because not all people have the same usa phone list capacity to buy. The poor get sicker more, have a more limited usa phone list and, when it is not, they get it with the help of scholarships (money), just as wealthy couples look more beautiful, sometimes because they can afford cosmetic touch-ups that are not available from the rest… In short, money is the great frontier that today separates human beings and precisely supports the rest of the physical frontiers that are erected between countries, cities, neighborhoods and social classes. The strings of power are now handled not by the politicians that the people elect, but by the interests of the large multinationals that promote and support political programs and governments, just as they favor their downfall when they are no longer useful to them. The only thing usa phone list can confront the dictatorship of the economy are ideas, if they usa phone list shared by a sufficient social critical mass, but the owners of the money are already in charge of numbing such concerns with bread and circuses, as in ancient Rome. The second problem arises from the ability of money to displace other personal and social considerations and values. A paradigm of the latter is, for example, the experience carried out in some educational centers in the United States, consisting of paying students to read or get good grades. This is what, in my opinion, differentiates education from training.
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shati khatun

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