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Monira Khatun
20 jun 2022
In Discusiones generales
After customer A places an order to buy, see the bulk sms service group group poster on the store window, scan the QR code and share the activity to the social circle to participate in the group group. After inviting friends B and C to join the group, the three went to the store to pick up the goods. After B and C consume in for the first time, they will invite other bulk sms service friends to participate again with high probability, forming a viral spread. The second is: store flow The viral spread in the social circle makes the bulk sms service store’s publicity not limited to a certain area and certain groups of people, and even produces activities only in the local area, but people in other provinces and cities will also know about it, making it potential consumers . Therefore, stores should appropriately expand the scope of stores and enhance exposure within the scope of supply chain capabilities. The third is: information flow There are bulk sms service two layers of information flow transformation: The first layer is the display of product information. When traditional stores occupy a certain area, product exposure can be controlled through store design, For small stores such as in social marketing activities, they bulk sms service can choose grouped products through the three principles of explosive products, and provide consumers with product displays on demand. The so-called three principles of explosive products: It is necessary to break through dinner scene, and expand the product's original "dish" label to "casual snacks", so that everyone can participate; The price has enough value for money; The price is low bulk sms service enough to remove the threshold for group participation. The second layer is the display of marketing information. The core of traditional chain retail operations is always offline stores. In the early stage of offline fission of QR codes,
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Monira Khatun

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