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Mukta Akter
08 ene 2022
In Discusiones generales
We and attracting Albania Phone Number List talent, contributing to skilled labor shortages. In these areas, as well as in professional management and cooperation on labor-employer relations, gaps tend to be larger vis-à-vis the EU. In other areas, Albania Phone Number List differences with respect to the EU are less important, reflecting significant labor market rigidity in both sets of countries he economic development is certainly tied to the political stability which make the direct approach to the regional cooperation. This kind of approach builds strong relations between Albania Phone Number List the western balkan countries. The non-tariff Albania Phone Number List trade is a way of having a sustainable future not only for the country itself, but even for the region. Accompanying that to the other key factor of political stability, sees to be the right way of non forced, natural Albania Phone Number List cooperation towards the bright economic future of these countries.The event on February 24th - the first all-inclusive Western Balkans summit at the EBRD - will provide an ideal opportunity for business leaders and international companies to learn more about the countries and the Bank's Albania Phone Number List role in them. "The idea is to Albania Phone Number List present this region as a whole as an investment destination," said the EBRD's Senior Political Counsellor Oleg Levitin. "We hope that this conference, besides facilitating much needed foreign investment, will send a Albania Phone Number List very strong political message about the maturity and stability of the region."Regional integration through road corridors, gas pipelines, expansion in the manufacturing sector and other projects will be at the top of the agenda."We believe that regional integration needs to be made Albania Phone Number List a priority," said Claudio Viezzoli, the EBRD's Director, Western Balkans.

Mukta Akter

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