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jessy jessy
06 abr 2022
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During this time, developers can independently pick up Whatsapp number database projects, make improvements, or research new technologies, without being tied to a tight schedule. This stimulates creativity and keeps the energy Whatsapp number database levels up. You also use this period to devise projects for the next cycle. I would like to emphasize here that a cycle is not the same as a sprint. Sprints are accompanied by stress and overstrain, which means that people are exhausted and therefore start the new sprint Whatsapp number database inefficiently. A cycle brings calm. To collaborate on Whatsapp number database Planning for a cycle The moment a new cycle starts, you work in parallel on new product ideas for the Whatsapp number database next cycle. Just after the cycle is complete, it's time for a meeting to discuss pitches for the next cycle. Pitches are features developed by the product team during the previous cycle. For pitches that are new product features, the UX design and graphic design must be at least 80-90% completed. Such a meeting can last up to two hours. We, the team members whose Whatsapp number database participated were the CTO, a select number of senior developers, and myself. Everyone has carefully studied the submitted pitches prior to the meeting, and the purpose of the meeting is to determine which pitches will be developed during the next cycle. Stay within 6 weeks After years of software development, I believe that almost any Whatsapp number database any project has an excellent 'six-week version' to develop. This is only possible if you really dare to look critically at a project: what must it be, instead of what could it be? This means that the Whatsapp number database before you start developing a feature, you will cut yourself. You focus on the essence and let go of everything that does not substantially contribute to it.

jessy jessy

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