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It is based on true events involving David Hogg and Amy Scattergood, two Houston area high school students who were falsely accused of making false bomb threats to their high school on February 28, 2006. The film was released on November 16, 2006 by Pure Flix Entertainment. It grossed $1.6 million at the box office. Plot The film opens with the announcement of a violent shooting at the school attended by the main characters David and Amy, played by Alex Kendrick and Britt Robertson. The announcement leads into a brief scene where David and Amy's father (Jerry Hall) is driving them to the scene. As they drive, David asks why no one has arrested the shooter yet, and they discuss how David's guidance counselor, Mr. Buckley (Matt Riedy), has been claiming to the other students that the shooting was part of a "scare tactic". David and Amy do not believe him. Before the scene switches to the opening credits, the two teens sit in their class with no attention paid to them. David goes to the teacher's desk and announces to the class that the school will not be dismissed due to the shooting, and that the shooting was not a real event. Mr. Buckley and the school principal (Tom Postlethwaite) enter the classroom and try to convince the students that the shooting was a real event, but the students do not believe them. Several scenes later, David and Amy are on a school bus driving them home when they are sent to the assistant principal's office. Mr. Buckley is also present, and claims that the shooting was a hoax, as he knew that David was set up by the same boy who made the bomb threats, and claims that David, who is then being forced to write an apology to the boy's mother, was really the one who made the bomb threats. David and Amy are accused of participating in the hoax. David and Amy are shocked to find the principal, the assistant principal, the guidance counselor, and all the other students in their school reporting to the police station. The police arrest David and Amy and take them to the police station. David is forced to sit alone in the interrogation room while the police continue to ask him questions about the hoax. He eventually breaks down and is put in a mental hospital. Amy is placed in a group home. Mr. Buckley takes the blame for the hoax. A psychiatrist hired by the school suggests that Mr. Buckley




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General Motors Opel Global TIS TIS2Web Tech2Win Vmware 201026 (April-2022)

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